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Quality note-taking is crucial to doing a History Fair project. Some schools may require Cornell Notes or may have their own note-taking systems.

We highly recommend that schools take advantage of the FREE version of NOODLE TOOLS, available through NHD. See improvements in student note-taking, citation and bibliography-making, tasking--and, for the teacher, feedback and management of student work.

Here are additional forms that students and teachers find very useful. Read below or download the PDF.

History Fair Note-Taking Guide (WORD)

History Fair Note-Taking Guide with Fill-ins (PDF)

History Fair Notes Worksheet


Name: _____________________________________Date: ________________


History Fair Notes

1. TYPE OF SOURCE (circle one)           Primary          or         Secondary


Title / Name of Source: ________________________________________________________________

Article Title (if needed) ________________________________________________________________

Type (book, interview, etc): ____________Volume/Edition (if needed)________

Author(s)/ Editor(s): ________________________________________________

Publisher: ________________________________________________________

City, State and Year Published: ________________________________________________________________

Pages Used: _____________________________________________________


URL: (www) ______________________________________________________

When it was electronically published: _________________Date Used: ________

3. NOTES FROM THE SOURCE: Type of notes: (circle all that apply):

Summary                   paraphrase                and/or             quotations

Quotes (p.)

from article/ book

Why quote is important









What is this source about? (Don’t just explain about your topic.  What is included in this source?)


Describe why it helps you with your topic/project.  What does if bring to your research that helps you understand your topic/prove your thesis?



Now that you are finished with this part, go to one of these websites or use an MLA citations book to properly CITE the source.  YOU ARE NOT DONE with this until you have PROPERLY cited the source!



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