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COACHING at the Harold! Saturday, January 31, 11am to 3pm. 6th floor.library coaching

Volunteers are available to help History Fair students with their research every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, from 1 to 4 p.m.





The History Fair Research Journey Power Point Presentation helps to visualize the kinds of research students need to do to make history.  See samples of diverse sources and the places to find them!

FlashInstructions: Click anywhere in the center or right side of the slides featured below to advance to the next slide. This Flash version of the  Powerpoint slide show will auto-advance after 60 seconds. To go back one slide, click anywhere in the area of the left side of the slide show. The presentation is about 59 slides long. (Requires Adobe Flash Player)

Note to Teachers: This basic presentation is set-up so that you can download it and create your own presentation on the History Fair Research Journey.  Select only the slides you wish to use, or break the presentation into class-period chunks to introduce when appropriate.  Feel free to alter the text to fit your students’ needs or particular rules for your class.

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Download the Research Journey
(Microsoft Powerpoint - 28 MB)
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