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Know the Road Ahead of You: The Five Steps it Takes to Become a History Fair Student Historian

Our "Students Become Historians" Powerpoint presentation gives a detailed explanation of what is involved in doing History Fair and provides helpful advice for each of the five major steps.

  • Step One: Asking Questions, Finding a Topic
  • Step Two: The Research Journey
  • Step Three: Analyzing
  • Step Four: Developing the Argument
  • Step Five: Communicating: Tell Us a Story

Download/Watch the Power Point presentation below to learn more!

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Instructions: Click anywhere in the center of the slideshow featured below to advance to the next slide. To go back one slide, click anywhere in the area of the left side of the slideshow. The presentation is about 80 slides long. (Requires Adobe Flash Player.)
A few features, such as embedded video samples and hyperlinks are only available in the Powerpoint version.

Note to Teachers: The presentation is set-up so that you can download it, select and even edit the slides, and create your own introduction to the History Fair!  There are a total of 86 slides which cover the entire process of doing History Fair so you may decide to select only the slides you wish to use, or break the presentation into class-period chunks to introduce when appropriate.  Feel free to alter the text to fit your students’ needs. The Chicago Metro History Fair also offers powerpoint-based tutorials on Research, Thesis, and Making Exhibits a well as a Prezi on Building Websites (if the teacher is certified to offer the category).

Download Five Steps to Becoming a Historian (Microsoft Powerpoint - 6 MB)


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