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Before you judge your assigned websites, take 20 minutes to prep

1.  Review the Power Point on How to Judge History Fair Websites and watch "What Judges Want to See in an Interactive Website"

Download as a Power Point or PDF.

2.  Read the scoring rationale for judging projects.

High School Scoring Rationale or Junior Scoring Rationale.

(Consider looking at one of the Website Examples of superior projects before evaluating your assigned websites.)

3.  Download the file or print copies of the judging worksheet for each website. You use this for your note. Be sure to save the correct division (Senior=high school, Junior=elementary school).

NOTE: For the submitted final evaluations, use the Electronic Evaluation forms at the bottom of this page.

Senior Judging Worksheet or Junior Judging Worksheet.

4. Download the file for the FINAL EVALUATION which is what you will return to the History Fair and will eventually go back to students and teachers.


Once you receive your specific websites

1.  Contact your partner judge to arrange a time in which you will discuss your evaluations of the websites.  Judges have conferred via phone, cafes, and even Skype!  Be sure that you schedule your appointment in enough time to return to your final evaluations to the History Fair office at the deadline.

2.  Confirm with History Fair that judges are in contact with each other and have set-up a conference time.

3.  Have fun judging--take really good notes on your worksheets!


After you've reviewed your websites

4. Confer with your partner to share insights about the students' work and to make sure your scores are within eight points of each other.

5. Each write up your evaluation in the electronic Final Evaluation.  File in Word as website number-your last name. (e.g. 123-oppen.doc) and return to the History Fair via email:

Senior Electronic Evaluation Form or Junior Electronic Evaluation Form.

Thank you!


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