History Fair Rules & Guidelines
National History Day (NHD) Eligibility

Do you know what that means? "NHD" stands for "National History Day" which is a nationwide history contest. CMHEC offers students the opportunity to participate in NHD, but it is not mandatory—students are eligible to advance all the way to the state level and win awards and scholarships for any topic in local history. Each year, the NHD office names a particular historical theme that students may use to frame their topic (e.g., Rights & Responsibilities or Conflict & Compromise….). "NHD eligible projects" must be based on local Chicago history. (Junior HF students may also look at Illinois history.)

Chicago Metro History Fair Exhibit Rules

A History Fair exhibit is like a room in a museum-not a report on a display board with pictures. It relies on clear, succinct text (labels) and a substantial amount of visual evidence to communicate the student's research and analysis.

Chicago Metro History Fair Performances & Historical Voices

Performances are dramatic presentations of a historical interpretation based on evidence; Historical Voices are a form of public speaking that combines a speech with student analysis.


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