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Junior Division Schedule
Junior Division Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Mark your calendar for the 2017 competition dates--please complete the School Intent to Participate form at the beginning of the school year which will ensure you receive all alerts and updates from CMHEC.

Only schools that submitted a School Intent to Participate Form will receive registration password.


The standard allowances are:

  • 4 research papers
  • 3 websites (if teacher is certified to offer that category)
  • 4 exhibits*
  • 2 documentaries or performances*

*If more entries are wanted for performances or documentaries, a school may “trade” exhibit slots (for example, a school could send 2 exhibits, 3 documentaries, 1 performance).  Schools may not fill unused paper, website, or documentary/performance slots with additional exhibits.

Schools with over 90 projects completed in grades 6-8 may add one entry per every 50 projects. For example, up to 140 projects = one additional entry in any category; 190 projects = two additional entries, etc.


Fair Date Location

Metro Junior History Fair

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Schools are divided between afternoon and morning sessions (last name)

Lo-Z: 9:30am-12noon

A-Li: 12:30pm-4:00pm

Lane Tech High School, 2501 W. Addison, Chicago, 60618

Traffic changes in 2016!



Completed electronic registration for all projects is March 24.  We cannot guarantee slots for students after the deadline.

Registration is online with user name and password: http://reg.chicagohistoryfair.org/

PAPERS are due in the History Fair office by April 7, 5pm. Please submit two sets and the Student Authorization Form.

WEBSITES are locked down for judging on March , 5pm. Please send the Student Authorization forms to the History Fair office.

CMHEC now offers interviews at the Saturday event to students who have worked on websites and papers by appointment only.  The interviews are optional.

All students must submit a Student Authorization Form (PDF) at the event, or send in advance to CMHF.


MORNING Junior Metro History Fair F.A.Q. (Schools A-Li)

AFTERNOON Junior Metro History Fair F.A.Q. (Schools Lo-Z)

Exhibits, Documentaries, Performance students will bring their project and three sets of their Summary Statement and Annotated Bibliography, stapled.

Submit Student Authorization at check-in. You may want to bring a snack.

Websites and Papers are judged off-site, therefore students need not attend the fair.  However, they may come if they want to be interviewed--or simply be part of the event with their school friends.  Interviews are optional. Sign up for an appointment time with the links below:

Morning Session Interviews Appointment Sign-up

Afternoon Session Interviews Appointment Sign-Up

AT THE EVENT (@ session)

All students set-up exhibit or visit room to make sure tech works

Greetings/Welcome in the Auditorium

Documentaries and Performances presented, interviews occur concurrently

Website and Paper interviews occur (optional)

Exhibits are judged without the student present

Exhibit students return to the hall for judges' interviews



Fair Date Location

Illinois History Day

May, TBD 2017

Prairie Capital Convention Center,

Springfield, IL 62701
(9th Street and Adams in downtown Springfield)

Illinois History Day Information Page
Links to maps, schedule of the day, History Fair Bus information, etc.


Fair Date Location

National History Day

June 2017

University of Maryland, College Park

NHD Qualifiers Information

Coaching Sessions

Directions Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St.
By appointment only.

Coaching is possible via Googlechat and email.


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