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2014 National History Day Qualifiers

Junior Paper

Zoe Cloud, Science and Arts Academy, “Cholera: Rights and Responsibilities”

Sophie Jensen, Lincoln Elementary, “Myra Bradwell”

Senior Paper

Karen Dai, University of Chicago Lab School, “Rights, Wrongs, and Responsibilities: Florence Kelly as a Calculating Reformer”

Anna Knes, University of Chicago Lab School, “Rights and Responsibilities of a Senator: Stephen A. Douglas, the LeCompton Constitution, and the Chicago Push”

Junior Individual Website

Kristen Rigsby, Taft Academic Center, “Robert McCormick: Defining the Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press”

Kaitlyn Schatteman, St. Mary’s Catholic School, DeKalb, “How Betty Friedan Changed Women’s Rights”

Junior Group Website

Bianca Saputra and Sarah Yamaguchi, Mead Junior High, “Empire Strikes Back: The Pullman Strike and its Impact on Workers’ Rights”

Faith Golz, Irena Gao, Leah Hall, and Marissa Ivory, Unity Point, “The Praeger Case: Patriotic Murder?”

Senior Individual Website

Giselle Mena, Chicago Academy High School, “Mujeres Latinas en Acción”

Karina Solano, Social Justice High School, “The Fight for Public Education”

Senior Group Website

Elena Johnston, Julia Porter, and Karla Solis, Payton College Prep High School, “The Gautreaux Project”

Leticia Garcia and Diane Franco, Roosevelt High School, “White Slavery in Chicago: Implications for Women’s Rights”

Junior Individual Exhibit

Bridget Musker, Edison Regional Gifted Center, “Making a Stink: Mary McDowell and the Fight to Clean Up Chicago’s Garbage”

Mary Kate Baughman, Immanuel Lutheran, Palatine, “The Walking Dead: The Radium Girls”

Junior Group Exhibit

Alex Goslin and Gianna Padula, St. Luke Parish, “Grace Wilbur Trout and the Illinois Women’s’ Suffrage Movement”

Sophie Ljung, Keaton Schwartz, and Lilana Taub, Whitney Young Academic Center, “The Legacy of Hansberry v. Lee”

Senior Individual Exhibit

Polly Hochman, Payton College Prep HS, “The Birth of Neonatalogy: Taking Responsibility to Protect the Rights of Our Smallest Citizens”

Selena Mei, Lincoln Park High School, “Reversal of Fortune”

Senior Group Exhibit

Quinn Kelley, Nick Janowski, Clay Pasqual, and Rex Wang, Independent Scholars, Naperville, “Division Street Riot”

Andrew Campoverde, Angelica Krupa, Raquel Ledezma, and Jaelyn Jugo, Lincoln Park High School, “Free Market vs Workers & Consumers”

Junior Individual Documentary

Katie Schindler, Science & Arts Academy, “Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Trials”

Sonia Wanberg, Taft Academic Center, “Frances Willard: A Girl’s Champion”

Junior Group Documentary

Joseph Padmanabhan and James Rockey, Decatur Classical School, “1968 Democratic National Convention: National Stage for Freedom of Expression”

Tori Schieferdecker, Riley Epperson, Tabitha Maas, Ailaa Ippensen, and Lauryn Hinthorne, Payson-Seymour Junior High, “Elijah Lovejoy & the Abolitionists of Adams County: Securing the Rights to Freedom of the Press”

Senior Individual Documentary

Xiomara Rodriguez, Payton College Prep, “Spanish Action Committee of Chicago”

Benjamin Weingarten, Evanston Township High School, “The Chicago ‘L’: Responsibility of a City to Provide Transportation”

Senior Group Documentary

Anthony Martinez, Susana Martinez, and Lisandra Perez, Chicago Academy High School, “Archibald Carey, Jr. and the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy"”

Daniel Bier, Paul Kramer, Zachary Sims, and James Turek, University of Chicago Lab School, “Vanquishing the Illinois Black Codes: Chicagoans Who Made a Difference”

Junior Individual Performance

Casey Wangman, Decatur Classical School, “Jennie Hodger Incognito: A Revelation of Empowered Women in the Civil War”

Olivia Fergus-Brummer, Decatur Classical School, “Irish Immigration: Building a Cultural Legacy Above Oppression”

Junior Group Performance

Ray Shang, AJ Turman, Dania Abou-Jabal, Gabriella Benyas, and Rahmah Isa, Carbondale Middle School, “From Fetters to Freedom: The Life Journey of Alexander Lane”

Jasmyn Taylor, Alexis Jones, and Arezou Esmaeeli, Carbondale Middle School, “Nazis Then, Nazis Now: The 1977 Skokie Case”

Senior Individual Performance

Lauren Dams, Waukegan High School, “Louise Bowen and Her Tireless Work for Children”

Amari Davis, Morton East High School, “A Road Built by Ida”

Senior Group Performance

Roman Ahmed, Anastasiya Pentya, Rachel Miller, and Roberta Cacuci, Lincoln Park High School, “Factory Act of 1893”

Samuel Lurje, Samir Hadzic, Luccas Borges, Tenzin Kunsang, and Michael Korbut, Lincoln Park High School, “Bughouse Square”


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