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Congratulations 2015 National History Day Finalists and and Honorees!

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Chicago Metro History Fair Proudly Announces Seven Finalists at NHD:


4th in the Nation for a Junior Individual Performance

Nicholas Kapp - Edison Regional Gifted Center (David Barber)

“Something from Nothing: Improv and the Legacy of Viola Spolin”

7th in the Nation for a Junior Group Exhibit

Samantha Ernst, Parita Shah, Annika Brand, Rosemary Mascarenhas -  Mead Junior High School (Cheryl Hinchey)

“Fighting for Freedom”

10th in the Nation for a Junior Paper

Ethan Parham - Mead Junior High School (Cheryl Hinchey)

“How to Take Your Hospital on the Road: The Leadership of Charles Puestow and the 27th Evacuation Hospital Unit”


10th in the Nation for a Junior Individual Documentary

Lena Brün - Lane Tech Academic Center (Andrew Chipman, AJ Adams)

“Herbert Brün’s World of Sound: How a Composer Advanced Musical Science”


7th in the Nation for a Senior Group Website

Rachel Sitt, Irena Gao, Ethan Nicklow – Carbondale Community High School (Michael Butler)

“Pioneering Equality: Edward Coles and the Defense of Freedom”

8th in the Nation for Senior Group Documentary

Erik Strand, Brian Strand, Joaquin Miranda – East Aurora High School (Matt Caylor)

“Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues”

9th in the Nation for a Senior Group Performance

Ilana Dutton, Olivia Perozo, Sophia Fioramonti-Gorchow, Sarah Pan – University of Chicago Lab Schools High School (Cynthia Jurisson)

“On the Shoulders of Giants: Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique”

Additional Honors:

Outstanding Illinois NHD Junior Entry

Steven Li, Rajat Mittal, Thomas Schluckbier – Mead Junior High School (Cheryl Hinchey)

“From Pullman Porters to Civil Rights Activists” (Documentary)

Outstanding Illinois-NHD Senior Entry

Laila Sauer - Evanston Township High School (Michael Pond)

“Jens Jensen: Parks and Recreation” (Exhibit)


Representing Illinois at the “Breakfast on the Hill” with Congress

Stephanie Hernandez, Roosevelt High School

“Assistance Across an Ocean: Leadership and Legacy of Chicago’s Anti-Apartheid Movement” (Exhibit)

Representing Illinois at the National Museum of American History

Allison Cavallo, Ayana Loyd, Hannah Hansraj, Kayla Huang, Luke Peng – Whitney Young Academic Center

“Legacy of a Lawsuit” (Exhibit)


Visit the National History Day Website for a full list of contest winners and awards!


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