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2017 History Fair Awards

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Berrier Suburban History Award

Flora Block
Evanston Township High School
Evanston: The Sting of Subtle Racism

Business and Economics History Award

Anthony Morales
Mt. Carmel High School
The Southeast Side of Chicago:  From the Steel-Producing Capitol to Economic Ruin

Chicago Jewish Historical Society Award

Danny Rubin
University of Chicago Lab Schools High School
Grant's Obnoxious Order and Lincoln's Stand for the Jews

Outstanding Historical Scholarship Award of the
Chicago Principals and Administrators Association

Raudel Damian
Chicago Academy High School
Taking a Stand Against Gentrification in Pilsen

Austyn Nuzzo and Maeghan O'Laughlin
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
A Woman of Words

Chabeli Rodriguez
Infinity Math, Science, and Technology High School
Taking a Stand for Safe Legal Abortions

Sadie Soto and Janelle Spencer-Ramirez
Lincoln Park High School
Dance Dance Revolution

Emily Arroyo
Prosser Career Academy
Kathleen Thompson: Feminist Author and Activist

Cristina McNamara
Washington High School
Citizen Muhammad Ali

Megan Molina and Angel Olivarez-Garcia
Westinghouse Career Academy
The Young Lords

Chicago Women’s History Award
Sponsored by the Chicago Women’s History Center

Julia Miller
Lincoln Park High School
How Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party" Gave Women a Seat at the Table

Beth Gillespie
Regina Dominican High School
How the Pullman Porters' Ladies Auxiliary Took a Stand Against Racism

Clarence Darrow Memorial Award
Sponsored by the Clarence Darrow Commemorative Committee

Harrison Shapiro
University of Chicago Lab Schools High School
A Fiery Academic: Clarence Darrow's Private Indifference Towards Public Opinion

Leon Despres Memorial Award for Legal/Political History
Sponsored by the Friends of Leon Despres

Celeste Sorby
Chicago Academy High School
The John Burge Torture Case and the Power of Taking a Stand

First Division Museum at Cantigny Award for Military History
Sponsored by the First Division Museum at Cantigny

Alexander Heatly, Melody Leung, Illaisaane Summers, and Kelly Yuen
Payton College Prep High School
From Chicago's Coast to the Frontlines: Navy Pier and WWII

Hull House History Award

Jennifer Rojas
Lincoln Park High School
Grace Abbott

Charlie Calvillo
Prosser Career Academy
How did Jane Addams Contribute to Solving Social Issues in Chicago?

Hyde Park Township Historical Society Award
Sponsored by the Hyde Park Township Historical Society

Allison Eby and Madeleine Mirza
Maine West High School
Jane: The Fight for Equality

Nikki Han
University of Chicago Lab Schools High School
William H. McNeill: Taking a Stand for Global History

Illinois Institute of Technology
Lewis College of Human Sciences Award for History

Sponsored by the Dean of the Lewis College of the Illinois Institute of Technology

Zoe Bishop and Milena Maniaci
Lincoln Park High School
The Black Arts Movement

Jaconetty Award for the History of Italian Chicago

Martina Costa, Sarah Rehman, and Hana Zecic
Lincoln Park High School
Little Italy

George Javaras Memorial Award for Exemplary Historical Scholarship

Jennifer Wang
University of Chicago Lab Schools High School
Never to be Compelled: The American Medical Association's Fight Against Compulsory Health Insurance

John D’Emilio Award for LGBTQ History

Sponsored by the Gerber-Hart Library and Archives

Sophia Li and Annie Wang
Vernon Hills High School
Taking a Stand: Pearl M. Hart and Her Lasting Legacy

Judith Baar-Topinka Memorial Award for the History
of Women in Government

Sponsored by the Judy Baar-Topinka Foundation

Eileen Wisniowicz
Nazareth Academy
Mayor Byrne's Impact on Chicago

Keating Award for 19th Century Chicago History

Thomas Jeske
Maine South High School
Death Camp of Chicago

Latino Chicago History Award

Adriana Nava Villanueva, Abigail Ramirez, and Fatima Rodriguez
East Aurora High School
Chicago's Chicano Movement: Chicanos al Grito de Guerra

Les Orear Memorial Award for Labor History
Sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society

Nick Colon, Emmanuel Nunez, Hadi Saadeh, and Kamil Ziobron
Ridgewood High School
Upton Sinclair: Taking a Stand Against the Horrors of the Meatpacking Industry

Loyola University Urban History Award
Sponsored by the Loyola University Chicago, Department of History

Angelica Contreras, Bridget Holly, and Abby Wojtynek
Nazareth Academy
The JPA: Building a Better Community

Manaaki History Award
Sponsored by the Manaaki Foundation

Christa Kuriakose
Chicago Academy High School
The Chicago Freedom Movement and the End of Housing Segregation

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Award for Bill of Rights History
Sponsored by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Kevin Diaz and Anmol Parande
Vernon Hills High School
Safety or Liberty: The Chicago Red Squad

Mollie Lieber West Memorial Award for Women and Labor History

Farah Kamleh
Von Steuben High School
A New Union Emerges: The Empowering Changes Brought About by the CLUW

Obenshain Award for Architectural History

Rachel Smith
Von Steuben High School
The Frank Lloyd Wright Stand: An Organic Style

Claire Wesselkamper
Maine South High School
Richard Nickel: The Quest for Architectural Preservation in Chicago

Peoples Gas Award for Science History
Sponsored by Peoples Gas

Michael Campanile, Samantha Magyar, Maja Siedlecki, and Kali Spain
Ridgewood High School
Fermi's Atomic Success

Polk Bros. Foundation Award
Sponsored by the Polk Bros. Foundation

Chloe Jones
Brooks College Prep High School
Black Down: The Life and Legacy of Fred Hampton

Quentin Young Memorial Award for Public Health History

Veronica Gibson and Hollis Rhone
Payton College Prep High School
The Great 'White' Plague: Chicago's Ineffective Stand Against
the Racial Disparity in TB Rates

Richard Brown Award for Chicago History
Sponsored by the Friends of Richard Brown Fund

Maddie Mazur and Anne Swade
Nazareth Academy
The Playground Movement

Roosevelt University Center for New Deal Studies Award
for Social Justice History
Sponsored by the Center for New Deal Studies, Roosevelt University

Mattias Amezquita-Fox, Andrew Borland, Dakota Erwin, Theodore Lambert
Evanston Township High School
Fred Hampton: "You Can't Kill the Revolution"

Studs Terkel Center for Oral History Award

Belkis Ferrera, Alejandro Guzman, Luis Paniagua, Jacqueline Renteria,
and Abril Vera
Waukegan High School
Taking a Stand Against 287g

Telling History through Performance Award

Katherine Llanes-Smith
Grayslake North High School
Pedaling Towards Women's Rights

Timuel Black Award for African-American History
Sponsored by the Friends of Timuel Black

Jordan Patterson
Mt. Carmel High School
Chicago Freedom Movement: A Legacy for Change

Raymond and Janice Trembacki Education History Award
Sponsored by Mark and Debra Trembacki

Isabel Gomez
Grayslake North High School
"Education is Life": John Dewey Takes a Stand

Richard J. Daley Leadership in the Public Sphere History Award
Sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Special Collections

Emily McNaughton
Regina Dominican High School
Mary Bartelme: The Woman Who Changed the Lives of Young Girls

Working Class History Award
Sponsored by the Friends of the Chicago Center of Working Class Studies

Nicholas McGowan
Payton College Prep High School
Xenophobia & The Haymarket Affair

The "Only in Chicago!" History Award

Rachel Smith, Makda Legesse, and Almond Gamwo
Niles North High School
Disco Demolition

North Central College Scholarship

Marlena Cannon
East Aurora High School

Loyola University Chicago Scholarship

Sydney Garcia
Westinghouse Career Academy

DePaul University Scholarship


Lincoln Park High School



Arthur Anderson Award for Superior History Fair Teaching

Michael Pond
Evanston Township High School


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