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Awards 2015
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2015 History Fair Awards

awards 2015


View Photos from the Awards Ceremony

George Javaras Memorial Award for Superior History

Simone Wallk, Payton College Prep High School, "Redefining Politics: Jane Addams and the Pacifist Suffragists"

Richard Brown Award for Exemplary Local History

Anna Kaganovich, Lincoln Park High School, "Organizing for Change"

Obenshain Award for Excellence in Architectural History

Caroline Patterson, Maine South High School, "Modernizing Architecture: Louis Sullivan's Philosophy and Vision"

Anne Kelly, Robyn Luchesi, and Emma Schneider, Lincoln Park High School, "Jenney's Jungle: Pioneering the Skyline"

Polk Bros. Foundation Prize for History

Rosario Rendon and Angel Sturdivant, Westinghouse Career Academy, "Katherine Dunham"

Richard J. Daley Leadership in the Public Sphere Award

Cynthia Ramos and Mayra Rios, East Aurora High School, "Virginia Ohlson: The Revolutionary Nurse"

Clarence Darrow History Fair Award

Jillian Troxell and Haley Wedge, Maine West High School, "Clarence Darrow: Putting Capital Punishment to Death"

Despres Award for Superior Political History

Michael Baldridge, Mt. Carmel High School, "The Leadership and Legacy of Wilson Frost"

Make Chicago Proud Prize

Abby Shannon and Katie Swade, Nazareth Academy, "Sister Rosemary Connelly and Miserecordia"

Quentin Young Prize for Health and Medicine History

Tamara Rigsby, Chicago Academy High School, "Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium"

Jessica Wold, Maine West High School, "Dr. Abt: Creating a Legacy that is Sure to Last a Lifetime"

Chrystophersen Jaeremyah Camacho, Mt. Carmel High School, "Dr. Bernard Fantus: America's First Red-Gold Banker"

Prize for Excellence in Hyde Park Township History

Logan Young, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, "Arthur Holly Compton"

Karolina Jekielek, Maine South High School, "Philanthropy at its Finest: Julius Rosenwald"

Timuel Black Award for African-American History

Sarah Force and Hanna Mularczyk, Payton College Prep High School, "The Black Panther Party: The Evolution of a Revolution"

Riya Zachariah, Stevenson High School, "Watching Katherine Dunham Dance" Creating a Chicago Legacy"

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Bill of Rights History Award

Ciara O'Muircheartaigh, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, "War of Words"

Roman Ahmed, Roberta Cacuci-Simionas, Rachel Miller, and Anastasiya Pentya, Lincoln Park High School, "The Unintentional Legacy of Lenny Bruce"

Award for Excellence in Latino History

Mia Espinosa, Westinghouse Career Academy, "Chicago's Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the FBI"

Megan Hernandez, Von Steuben High School, "Jane Addams' Hull House: Effect on Mexican Chicago in the 1920's"

Illinois Institute of Technology Paul Barrett Memorial Award

Caroline Caruso, Lincoln Park High School, "Pride of Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo and Marlin Perkins"

Pedro Garcia and Alondra Ramos, Roosevelt High School, "Enrico Fermi: Leading the Nuclear Age and Leaving a Questionable Legacy"

The John D'Emilio Prize for LGBT History

Lizette Guadarrama and Magaly Lopez, Solorio Academy High School, "Karen F. Ulane"

Harold Washington Legacy Award

Molly Smith, Grayslake North High School, "Harold Washington: Not All Black or White"

Telling History Through Performance Award

Robert Brumer, Stevenson High School, "Public Enemy #1: The Legacy of John Dillinger"

Young Scholars Prize

Allison Colaianni, Lincoln Park High School, "Albert Lasker: The Father of Modern Advertising"

Isiah Sheppard, Westinghouse Career Academy, "Edward Sparling and the Founding of Roosevelt University"

Beatrice Farb and Rebecca Peebles, Payton College Prep High School, "Robert Wilson: Science and the American Identity"

Maria Hatzisavas, Von Steuben High School, "Time for a Change: Sophonisba Breackinridge's Influence on Traditional Gender Roles"

Leadership History Award

Corryn Smith, Grayslake North High School, "'Let Me Be Brave': The Leadership and Legacy of the Special Olympics"

Special Recognition for Hull House History

Jenny Ciupinski, Maine South High School, "Jane Addams: Children's Right at the Hull House"

Clare Goldman and Kathryn Moran, Payton College Prep High School, "The Most Dangerous Woman in America: Jane Addams"

Studs Terkel Center for Oral History Prize

Melusine Velde, Lincoln Park High School, "Marlin Perkins and the New Conservation Movement"

Roosevelt University Center for New Deal Studies Award

Arun Maganti, Lincoln Park High School, "Roosevelt's Quarantine Speech"

Roosevelt University Social Justice Award

Stephanie Hernandez, Roosevelt High School, "Assistance Across an Ocean: Leadership & Legacy of Chicago's Anti-Apartheid Movement"

Jaconetty Prize for Italian-American History

Duncan Randall, Lincoln Park High School, "Enrico Fermi"

Hamill Prize for Irish-American History

Martyna Brach, Ridgewood High School, "Leadership of Margaret Haley"

Working Class History Award

Iwona Goscinski, Chicago Academy High School, "Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights"

Maria DeLeon, Von Steuben High School, "The People's Poet: Carl Sandburg Writes the Truth"

Rose Jacobs, Payton College Prep High School, "The Thrill is Never Gone"

Arthur Anderson Memorial Award for Superior History

Eva Lewis, Payton College Prep High School, "Roosevelt College: A Pioneer in Educational Democracy"

Ward Prize for Business History

Colette Gordon and Abby Jakus, Payton College Prep High School, "Candy Capital of the USA: How Chicago Became So Sweet"

Young Scholars Prize

Daniel Alviar, Prosser Career Academy, "Haymarket Affair"

Angie Scherer and Samantha Torres, Chicago Academy High School, "Jesse Jackson"

Jacob Naszke, Ogden International High School, "George S. Patton, the Greatest Challenge of All"

Ana Campa and Alondra Pena, Solorio Academy High School, "Mary Thompson and the Chicago Hospital for Women and Children"

Molly Crotteau, Payton College Prep High School, "Dr. Mae Jemison"

Duyen Ho, Caresse Naz, May Oo, and Danely Quiroz, Roosevelt High School, "Why Have You Not Heard of Kate Warne? Implications of Women's Hidden Leadership"

Raymond and Janice Trembacki Award for Excellence in History

Joaquin Miranda, Erik Strand, and Brian Strand, East Aurora High School, "Muddy Waters and Chicago Blues"

Elizabeth Hancuch, Regina Dominican High School, "Daniel Hale Williams"

Margaret Cross Norton Award for the Best Use of Primary Sources

Emily Stevens, Maine South High School, "Beth Brinkmann Cianci: Equal Rights Amendment"

Les Orear Memorial Award for Superior Labor History

Alecia Bell, Karli Chambers, and Nina Kesic, Nazareth Academy, "She Fought, She Conquered: Alice Peurala"

Jessica Rivest, Grayslake North High School, "Emma Goldman: A Leader with an Ever-Changing Legacy"

Early History of Chicago Award

Karly Greenfield and Jennifer Goodfriend, Niles North High School, "Rats, Filth, Sewage and the Second City"

Award for Superior Legal History

Arun Sharma, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, "Pearl Hart"

Prize for Excellence in Women's History

Sara Malik, Von Steuben High School, "Lucy Parsons: Carrying on the Legacy"

Illana Dutton, Sofia Fioramonti-Gorchow, Sarah Pan, and Olivia Perozo, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, "The Illinois Women's Sphere"

Berrier Crabgrass Award for Suburban History

Brendan Kelly, Mt. Carmel High School, "Oak Park: An All-American City"

Bret Jong Hoffman-Dana Award for Asian-American History

Sasha Ekman, Evanston Township High School, "Dear Miss Breed: The Legacy of Clara Breed"

Burham Plan Centennial Award

Samarth Madduru and Wilson Zhu, Stevenson High School, "Daniel Burnham: Wizard of the Midwest"

Monica Garcia, Melvic Jusi, Daisy Narez, and Evan Tudor, Maine West High School, "Daniel Burnham's Plan for a Lasting Legacy"

Cantigny Award for Excellence in Military History

Ermelinda Arrieta and Jose Garcia, Waukegan High School, "JROTC and the Footprint of the Vietnam War"

Chatham Hedges, Rodger Gruchot, and Peter Gruchot, Lakes Community High School, "The Life and Legacy of Frank Dunlap"

Loyola University Urban History Award

Laila Sauer, Evanston Township High School, "Parks and Preservation: The Legacy of Jens Jensen"


Loyola University – Karolina Jekielek, Maine South High School

DePaul University – Riya Zachariah, Stevenson High School

state expo 2015


View Photos from the Illinois State Expo

Abraham Lincoln Association Award

Amoroso Parker, Quest Academy, Palatine, for the research paper “Abraham Lincoln: How His Leadership and Ingenuity Led to the Emancipation Proclamation and the Legacy of a Free America.”

National History Day Illinois School of the Year

Decatur Classical School, Chicago

Illinois Labor History Society Award

Olivia Fergus Brummer, Lane Tech Academic Center, Chicago, for a performance of “The Most Dangerous Women In America: Why the Leadership and Legacy of Mother Jones Sparked a Labor Rights Revolution”

Steven Li, Thomas Schluckbier and Rajat Mittal, Mead Junior High School, Elk Grove Village, for their documentary “From Sleeping Car Porters to Civil Rights Activist”

Emily Neis and Lauren Sands of Catherine Cook School, Chicago, for the exhibit “Agnes Nestor: Working Women’s Best Friend”

Zachary Robbins, Lindblom Academic Center, Chicago, for the exhibit “A Legacy of Protection: The Wholesome Meat Act of 1967”

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Award

Allison Cavallo, Hannah Hansraj, Kayla Huang, Ayana Loyd and Luke Peng, Whitney Young Academic Center, Chicago, for their exhibit “Legacy of a Lawsuit: The Gautreaux Case and the Transformation of Public Housing in Chicago”

Old State Capitol Award for Women's History Research Paper

Ana Campa and Alondra Pena, Solorio Academy High School, Chicago, for the website “Mary Thompson and the Chicago Hospital for Women and Children”

2015 History Fair Teacher Awards

Patricia Behring-National History Day Illinois High School Teacher of the Year

Therese Hawkins, Nazareth Academy

Arthur Anderson Award for Superior History Fair Teaching

Donald Davis, Washington High School

Illinois Mayflower Society Award for Exemplary History Fair Teaching

Matthew Caylor, East Aurora High School

Illinois State Historical Society Olive Foster Outstanding Teacher Award

Debra Liu, Solomon Elementary School


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