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Awards 2016
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2016 History Fair Awards

awards 2016


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Thank you to Wei Chao Xu for being our photographer

Les Orear Labor History Award

Sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society

Marcanthony Huang, Payton College Prep High School , “Everything But the Squeal: Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Award for Hull House History

Carol Teran, Solorio Academy High School, “The Hull House”

Leon Despres Award for Legal History
Sponsored by the Friends of Leon Despres

Emily Williams, Nazareth Academy, “The Positive Effects of the Gautreaux Assisted Housing Program”

Devin Thomas, Rickover Naval Academy, “A Right of Grace or Liberty: How Clashes Over Chicago’s Parade Law Led to Clashes in the Streets During the 1968 Democratic National Convention”

Early History of Chicago Award

Mary Mullarkey and Allison Salata, Nazareth Academy, “Gurdon Hubbard and his Economic Development of Chicago”

Richard Brown Award for Superior History Award
Sponsored by the Friends of Richard Brown Fund

Maryam Ahmad, Ayesha Mohammed, Zainab Mohammed, and Hafsah Nawaz, College Preparatory School of America High School, “Pathways to Economic Success”

Bret Jong Hoffman-Dana Award for Asian American History

Pascale Boonstra and Zora Navarre-Cleary, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “Japanese, American, Chicagoan: A Question of Identity”

Arthur Anderson Superior History Award
Sponsored by the Arthur Anderson Memorial Fund

Josie Blake, Katherine Flesher, Liesl Greider,
Kathia Perez, and Kara Stiver, Waukegan High School, “Poisoned Past, Bright Future”

Daley Leadership in the Public Sphere Award
Sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Special Collections

Alex Azar, Else Erling, Bailey Garb, and Allie Kreitman, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “Made for Children Everywhere:
The Founding of Chicago’s Juvenile Justice System”

Studs Terkel Center for Oral History Prize

Anna Heins & Quynh-Mai Le, Niles West High School, “Pui Tak Center in Chicago”

Ken Rabe and Grace Rabe Nilsen Eastland Disaster Scholarship Award
Sponsored by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society

Martina Pizzo and Nisreen Saadeh, Ridgewood High School, “The Eastland: Encountering Disaster and Exploring Change”

Hyde Park Township History Award
Sponsored by the Hyde Park Township Historical Society

Aedin Donahue and Hailey Hoffman, Regina Dominican High School “Colored People in the White City”

Julian Bendelac, Paige Fishman, Isabel Levin, Alex Rodman, and Ellie Roussos, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “Elaine May Paves the Way for American Comediennes”

Illinois Institute of Technology-Lewis College of Human Sciences History Award
Sponsored by the Dean of the Lewis College of the Illinois Institute of Technology

Abigail Afriyie, Alainnah Brown, and Sydney Ellis, Evanston Township High School, “The Human Zoo: Encounters with Racism”

First Division Museum Military History Award
Sponsored by the First Division Museum at Cantigny

Madelyn Moy and Audrey Pettigrew, Payton College Prep High School, “Eighty Acres of Hell: Camp Douglas and its Impact on Warfare Policy”

Alex Creevy, Evangelina Gutierrez, and David Palacios, Nazareth Academy, “Dr. Wallace C. Abbott: Revolutionizing the Medical World through Exploration, Encounter and Exchange”

Harold Washington Legacy Award
Harold Washington Legacy Committee

Thomas Hildebrand, Payton College Prep High School, “Shift in the Use of Tax Increment Financing in Chicago”

John D’Emilio Award for LGBTQ History
Sponsored by the Gerber-Hart Library and Archives

Hope Thomas, Lincoln Park High School, “Chicago & the LGBTQ+ Community: From the Society for Human Rights to Today”

Becky Ramirez, Ogden International High School, “Society for
Humane Rights: How Did the Earliest Homosexual Rights Activist Henry Gerber Influence the Gay Rights Movement in Chicago?”

Chicago Labor History Award
Sponsored by the SOAR (Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees) Labor History Committee

Wynton Bean and Alyana Horn, Maine West High School, “The Chicago Steel Industry”

Telling History through Performance Award

Ananya Shah, Stevenson High School, “Encountering our National Crime: Ida B. Wells Anti-Lynching Exchange”

Jaconetty Award Italian-American Chicago History

Patrick Jackson, Meliora High School, “Angels at Work: Changing Fire Safety with Tragedy”

“Make Chicago Proud” Business History Award

Veronica Kovalenko and Mariya Kysylyuk, Ridgewood High School, “The Chicago Film Industry”

Early Illinois History Award
Sponsored by the Friends of the Illinois State Historical Society

Skye Curran, Grayslake North High School, “See the Voice: Abraham Lincoln-Ally of Deaf People”

Immigrant History Award

Noah Rogers, Evanston Township High School, “Hot Dogs and Immigrants: The Chicago Connection”

ComEd Award for Science and Technology History
Sponsored by ComEd

Lourdes Duerkop, Maine South High School, “Technology of the Columbian Exposition”

Award for Chicago Jewish History
Sponsored by the Chicago Jewish Historical Society

Jessica Flores, Daniel Marroquin, Katheryn Padilla, and Alice Tran, Lincoln Park High School, “The Exchanges of Maxwell Street”

Award for Historical Scholarship
Sponsored by the Society of Retired Principals and Superintendents

Kyle Arnashus, Von Steuben High School, “The Reversal of Chicago”

Cristian Molina, Lincoln Park High School, “From Affliction to Progress: Nineteenth Century Chicago Epidemics”

Stefanie Mena, Prosser Career Academy, “Chicago Freedom Movement: A Fight for Change”

Judith Baar-Topinka Award for Women in Government History

Julianna Ritzu, Payton College Prep High School, “Jane Byrne, Cabrini-Green, and the Failure of Public Housing in Chicago”

Award for Sports History

Carissa Popp, Grayslake North High School, “An At Bat Opportunity”

Timuel Black Award for African-American History
Sponsored by the Friends of Timuel Black

Firdaus Boufath, Aqsa High School, “1963 Chicago Public School Boycott”

Nolan Panepinto, Mt. Carmel High School, “The 1919 Chicago Race Riots: Chicago Influence on a National Adversary”

Award for Legal History
Sponsored by the Young Lawyers Bar Association

Hayden Apel, Lincoln Park High School, “The Trial of Leopold & Loeb: A Change of Viewpoint”

Emily Nash, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, “The Top Echelon Informant Program”

Rush Award for History of Medicine

Sponsored by Rush Family Physicians

Grace Kleinaitis, Payton College Prep High School, “Blood Banking: The Great Chicago Exchange”

Award for Historical Scholarship
Sponsored by the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association

Emily Arroyo, Prosser Career Academy, “How did the Great Migration affect Chicago?”

Gabriela Granados and Samantha Schwieger, Taft High School, “Chicago Women’s Liberation Union”

Jalynn Webb, Brooks College Prep High School, “Binga and DuBois: African American Opportunities”

Jade Henderson, Raven Moore, and Mandie Xu, Westinghouse Career Academy, “Emmett Till”

Jazlynn Compian and Elizabeth Hernandez, Solorio Academy High School, “The Juvenile Protective Association”

Ismar Briseno, Caitlyn Montejano, and Raven Varela, Washington High School, “Johnson Publishing Company”

Raven Galloway, Williams Preparatory School of Medicine, “Richard Wright: Native Son”

Raymond and Janice Trembacki Award for History

Gabriella Fragale and Lucy Okrasinski, Maine West High School, “Carl Rogers: Exploring a New Therapeutic Treatment”

Roosevelt University New Deal History Award
Sponsored by the Center for New Deal Studies, Roosevelt University

David Balaban, Samarth Goel, Sauren Gupta, and Rohit Mandava, Stevenson High School, “Chicago and the Great Depression”

Obenshain Award for Architectural History

Katie Clancy and Gillian King, Regina Dominican High School, “Chicago Tribune Competition”

Cameron Roark, Grayslake North High School, “The Wright Way: Unforgettable Architecture”

Polk Bros. Foundation History Award
Sponsored by the Polk Bros. Foundation

Kennedy Daniels, Providence St. Mel High School, “O’Hare Airport: The Epitome of Modern Airport Design”

Chicago Women’s History Award
Sponsored by the Chicago Women’s History Center

Brianna Aceves, Jazmin Contreras, Marubeni Nieto, and Monica Ruiz, East Aurora High School, “The Underground Abortion Service JANE: How it Explored Feminism”

George Javaras Memorial Award for Superior History

Grace Broderick, Tobias Ginsburg, and Brad Koontz, University of Chicago Lab Schools High School, “The Bone Wars: and the Evolution of American Museums”

Burnham Plan Centennial Award

Jessie Mitchell, Caitlin Nygren, Vince Scalise, and Alexander Vinarov, Payton College Prep High School, “The Burnham Plan: Stimulation and Stratification”

Working Class History Award
Sponsored by the Friends of the Chicago Center of Working Class Studies

Khalil Parsons, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, “Environmental Justice and Altgeld Gardens”

Quentin Young Health & Medicine History Award
Sponsored by the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group

Ali Espevik, Maine South High School, “Premature Infants: Their Lives Before and After the Development of Neonatal Care”

Margaret Cross Norton Prize for Best Use of Primary Sources

Maria Flach, Harika Reddy, Maya Vondrasek, Nazareth Academy, “A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s:
Elizabeth Harrison and her Impact in Education”

Loyola University Urban History Award
Sponsored by the Loyola University Chicago, Department of History

David Hernandez, Victor Hernandez, Daniel Moreno, and Danny Perez, Lincoln Park High School, “The Great Migration: Encounters Between Black and White Residents in Chicago”

Mollie Lieber West Memorial Women’s Activist History Award

Caitlin Kromidas and Katherine Skiba, Payton College Prep High School, “Second Wave Feminism and the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union”

Latino Chicago History Award

Kassandra Amaya, Jaime Blanco, Adriana Campa, Jonathan Marquina, and Nestor Padilla, Waukegan High School, “Hispanic Immigration to Waukegan”

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Award for Bill of Rights History
Sponsored by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Isaac Gershberg, Annie McGill, Fiona O’Brien, and Amelia Rosenbaum, Payton College Prep High School, “Communism and Civil Rights: An Exchange of Ideas”

Award for African American Arts in Chicago History
Sponsored by the Terra Foundation for American Art

Julia Miller, Lincoln Park High School, “The Chicago Black Renaissance: The Arts & Activism that Changed Chicago”

DePaul University Scholarship

Liesl Greider, Waukegan High School

Loyola University Chicago Scholarship

Roman Ahmed, Lincoln Park High School



Old State Capital Foundation, African American History Research Paper Award

Jiyoon, Yang, Lincoln Elementary School, "Facing Racism and Defending Civil Rights: The Chicago Race Riot of 1919"

Old State Capital Foundation, Women's History Research Paper Award

Nicole Vela, Mead Jr. High School, "Jane Addams and the Fight for Labor Legislation: Encountering and Exploring the Slums of Chicago"

NHD Illinois School of the Year

Ogden International School of Chicago

Illinois & Michigan Canal Award

Mary Mullarkey and Allison Salata, Nazareth Academy, "Gurdon Hubbard and his Economic Development of Chicago"

Zach Tuite and Ben Faibussowitsch, Lincoln Park High School, "The Illinois & Michigan Canal"

Andrew Roman, Kenwood Academic Center, "The I & M Canal"

Illinois Labor Historical Society Awards

Maddie Clark and Nafisa Ismail, Solomon School, "Florence Kelley: Putting Women and Children First in Social Reform"

Rosemary Mascarenhas and Parita Shah, Meah Jr. High School, "The Newsreel that Started It All: The Memorial Day Massacre of 1937"

Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission Award

Christopher Zrazik, Catherine Cook School, "Clarence Darrow's Fight to Let the Thrill Killers Live"

Illinois State Organization, National Daughters of the American Revolution Award

Rachel McLaughlin, St. Walter School, "Mansion With a Mission Hull House"


Arthur Anderson Award for Superior History Fair Teaching

Saarah Mohammed, College Preparatory School of America

Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award for Illinois - Senior Division

Michael Biondo, Maine South High School

Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award for Illinois - Junior Division

Andrew Chipman, Lane Academic Center

Gilder-Lehrman Illinois History Teacher of the Year

Meghan Thomas, Von Steuben Metro Science Center


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