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An Introduction to History Fair for International Baccalaureate Teachers

History Fair is a great fit for the I.B. Middle Years Programme. Click on the links below to learn more.

Objectives Alignment: Chicago Metro History Fair and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

Based on MYP Year 3 (8th grade)
[Year 5 Benchmarks (10th grade) and noted when they differ from Year 3.]

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International Baccalaureate MYP Criteria Humanities Curriculum History Fair/History Day model of inquiry and project-based humanities learning
A. Knowing and Understanding History Fair meets Criterion A as students
Use humanities terminology in context
  • Undertake essential questions and themes of history as they build their knowledge and comprehension.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subject-specific content and concepts, appropriate to the age level, using descriptions, explanations and examples
  • Study a narrow topic in-depth. While the topic has a local history connection, it can be best understood in its national and global context.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of social, economic, political, and cultural historical contexts that inform their topic.
  • Distinguish factual accuracy, credible sources, multiple perpectives, relevant knowledge.
B. Investigating History Fair meets Criterion B as students
Formulate a clear and focused research question
  • Form their own historical research question on a topic of their choosing.
Follow an action plan to investigate a research question
  • Employ metacognitive skills, maintain and meet deadlines of a three to six month research project.
Use methods accurately to collection and record information consistent with the research question
  • Conduct research using digital sources, collections in libraries, archives, and community and university resources.
  • Use note-taking methods that promote active learning (such as Cornell)
Effectively address the research question
  • Collect, analyze, and use credible and relevant sources as evidence that support an original thesis.
C. Thinking Critically History Fair meets Criterion C as students
Analyze concepts, events, issues, models and/or arguments
  • Analyze concepts, events, issues, models and arguments using historical thinking skills.
  • Use evidence to reach a conclusion.
  • Evaluate historical significance.
  • Explain cause and effect and change over time.
  • Analyze short term and long term impact.
Evaluate and analyze a range of sources in terms of origin and purpose, recognizing values and limitations
  • "Source documents" (evaluate and analyze) for origin, purpose, author, audience, value, limitations, and context.
Recognize [interpret] different perspectives and their implications
  • Develop a thesis based on the historical question.
  • Synthesize primary and secondary sources to tell a story and make a valid, well-supported argument based on the evidence.
  • Evaluate the relevancy of their topic to the presnt.
D. Communicating History Fair meets IB Criteria D as students
Communicate information and ideas using an appropriate style for the audience and purpose
  • Communicate their argument and interpretation by presenting a research paper, exhibit, performance, documentary or website to a public audience.
Structure information and ideas in a way that is appropriate to the specified format
  • Use the project category best suited to the sources, displaying careful attention to details to produce a presentation which is coherent, well-organized, and engaging.
Create [document] a list of sources of according to the task instructions
  • Create a bibliography, using MLA or Turabian/CMS styles, which must be annotated (papers must use citations).


History Fair Project Evaluation (Performance Assessment) Alights with the I.B. Humanities Criteria Performance Rubrics

Click on the images below to download the rubrics

Junior Division (MYP grades 6-8)

ib hf alignment rubric jr

Senior Division (MYP grade 10)

ib hf alignment rubric sr


"Hand-in-Hand: An Introduction to History Fair for I.B. Teachers" Power Point Presentation

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