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Use this online form to request a school visit from CMHEC. Or, you may download the Adobe PDF version and fax to 312-266-8223, mail to 60 W. Walton, Chicago 60610, or email to

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History Fair now uses a PowerPoint-based presentation for its introductions. Therefore, we do not travel from room-to-room but request that you reserve a central room for the presentations. In order to provide an effective, interactive presentation, however, CMHEC staff still prefers to do presentations to 1-2 classes (20-40 students) at a time rather than large groups in an auditorium.  Each History Fair Partner is allotted one school visit.  With that in mind, please address the following:

Number of presentations requested comprising students, from number of classes, belonging to teachers.

First Session Begins at : Last session ends at: 
Length of presentation period: (minutes) Grades participating: 
Name of course(s): 
CMHEC has a full Introduction to Becoming a Student Historian PowerPoint presentation online now that can be downloaded and presented.  If the teacher uses the presentation in class before the History Fair staff visit, we can focus on a particular aspect of doing the project (such as thesis or analyzing sources).  Otherwise, the school visit will present the key points of the introductory PowerPoint.
Will you use the introduction in class before the History Fair visit?  Yes      No
Is HF required?  Yes     No Is NHD theme required?  Yes     No
What kinds of projects are students allowed to do?  (Check all that apply)     
   Exhibit    Paper    Documentary    Performance    ALL
Type of Visit: 
(If the visit type is something other than Introduction, replace the text above. Other possibilities include “Research,” “Thesis” “Coaching”. If latter options are selected, the requested dates should reflect the appropriate point in the process—not at the beginning.)
Are these students experienced with the HF?     Yes      No
How many of them previously participated in HF?   
Does your school have a computer and lcd projector available?    Yes      No
Please enter the letters and numbers you see in the CAPTCHA at the right of the text box:   

Thank you for your attention to each question. 

This form is only a REQUEST — CMHEC staff will contact you to confirm date/times


Please double check your selections (and consider printing this out for your own records) before hitting the Submit button.


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