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About the CMHEC Curriculum
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CMHEC produces educational materials on local history topics using the inquiry approach to history education. Unlike most curricula, ours is driven by primary sources - firsthand evidence from the past. We believe that authentic learning occurs in part by challenging students to discover, question, analyze, and synthesize primary sources rather than simply accepting the interpretations of others.

CMHEC curricula promote reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and historical methods. The curricula and primary sources contained within also help students develop historical questions to pursue as History Fair projects and provide basic primary sources. Finally, the educational materials are designed to give maximum flexibility to teachers - they can select the sections, questions, activities they want to complement the U.S. History survey or they may choose to block out time to do the entire curriculum.

Becoming American in Chicago

Visual Arts in the Black Arts Movement in Chicago Resource Page

Black Chicago Renaissance

Lessons from Community Beginnings: Chicago Latino Communities

Public Art in Chicago History

Swamp to City: The History of Chicago Told from the Perspective of the Waterways and Portage Site


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