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Welcome to the Chicago Metro History Fair –

Where Students Become Historians!

History Fair projects are different from other assignments:

Students choose their own topic based on what's important to them that is related to Chicago or Illinois history.

Students go to places outside the school to do research with actual sources and can interview scholars, experts, and participants or witnesses.

Student decide on their own interpretations--they don't just "report back" what others have written.

Students may choose how to present their historical arguments through real projects just as real historians do: writing papers, producing a play or documentary, or building a website or exhibit.

Students compete in public contests, and have the opportunity to advance to higher levels of competition in Springfield and Washington, D.C., win cash prizes, and secure a college scholarship.

History Fair students perform better on standardized tests; gain higher research and critical thinking skills; and engage in civic issues.

Inquiry-based learning of history is a civic activity itself.

To view examples of students' History Fair projects in each category, click on the photos:

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